20 Secrets for a Complete Coastal Home

20 Secrets for a Complete Coastal Home
  1. Use bold and vibrant colors in your home. (Aquas, Turquoises, and Pinks are some colors you can use)
  2. Use natural fibers in your home. (jute, seagrass, or sisal are some options)
  3. Use palm trees or cacti to grab that beachside vibe.
  4. Coastal wallpaper or wallpaper that emulates a natural fiber is a fantastic addition to your walls.
  5. Use many textures and shades if you have a white room to give it some depth.
  6. Open the windows. Natural light is a friend of this style.
  7. Use open shelving instead of cabinetry.
  8. Use a coastal rug. Click here to find the perfect one for you.
  9. Mix patterns in your home with the same color family.
  10. Don't go overboard with too many patterns. Keep a nautical pattern as an accent if you can.
  11. Use sleeping porches. They can add that soothing touch to your home.
  12. Weather-proof your home. Use outdoor fabrics indoors to solidify that beach life.
  13. Stick with cool colors. New to Color Theory for interior design? Click here to find out about Color Theory.
  14. Use slipcovers on your couch.
  15. Use weathered wood to your advantage.
  16. Don't be afraid of worn furniture.
  17. Research many variations of the Coastal style. (Floridian, Californian, or whatever your preference)
  18. Rattan or wicker furniture is great for giving that casual beachy feel.
  19. Use light-colored fabrics to show off that breezy feel.
  20. Use warm-colored woods, laminate or LVT. Click here to check out some beautiful Laminate. Click here for fantastic LVT.

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