2021 Interior Design Trends

 2021 Interior Design Trends

Here is a list of 2021's upcoming interior design trends! Get a sneak-peek into what the future has in store!


 Rattan & Wicker Furniture

Rattan & Wicker Furniture

Aren't rattan and wicker the same thing? You wouldn't be the only one to think so. Although commonly mixed up, they are different. Rattan is a natural fiber harvested from palms in Southeast Asia. Wicker describes the woven pattern, which means that wicker furniture can be made of rattan, but it can be made of other materials like synthetic materials or plastic. Whatever the case, the look of wicker weaving is what is desired for the year 2020. It can take on Traditional or Contemporary styling. Despite wicker going into these varying styles, many seem to favor wicker furniture due to their affinity for the natural and comfortable feel that this coastal material offers.


Using modern floral wallpaper with bold colors is great for the year 2021.

Floral Wallpaper

We aren't talking about your old school dated floral wallpaper from the 1970s. New floral wallpaper is taking the interior design world by storm, especially in bathrooms. The image above shows how the right floral wallpaper can transform a simple room into an elaborate space.

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In the year 2021, colors are the new neutrals when it comes to interior design color schemes.

Colors are the New Neutrals

It's time to break another modern design rule, but doing it well, of course. As most homes are abundant in neutrals, it leaves a lot to be desired color-wise and makes everyone's home look the same. Set yourself apart by switching colors and neutrals' priorities but still staying with colors that work well together. Remember that 90-10 (Also known as the 80-20 and 95-5) rule? Flip that around, and you should stand out for 2020. If you don't remember that design rule or haven't heard about it, click here to read about it. This flipping of the 90-10 rule may seem frightening at first, as it is quite striking, but be fearless by grabbing inspiration! 


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