Color Predictions for 2021, According to Experts

Color Predictions for 2021, According to Experts

Sherwin-Williams’ Continuum Color Palette

Sherwin-Williams’ Tapestry Color Palette

Sherwin Williams' 2021 Color Predictions

First off is Sherwin-Williams, and although they have four new color palettes for 2021, we will be focusing on two. If you want to see them all, click here. The initial of the two color palettes is Continuum, which is filled with cheery and exciting new pastels along with some more austere colors. The contrast between the two in one palette makes for a balance that isn't all work or all fun — just in the middle. The second palette from Sherwin-Williams is called Tapestry. Tapestry is fascinating because it has deep colors intermingled amongst the calmer and lighter colors. It is similar to Continuum in that it strikes a balance, but it does it differently. For a more lively room, incorporate the Tapestry color palette, and if you want a more stark balance in your home, choose the Continuum.


Benjamin Moore's 2021 Color Palette

Benjamin Moore's 2021 Color Predictions

Following Sherwin-Williams is Benjamin Moore, who says that their color palette of the year is made to make a home feel more like home, with comforting and sunbaked hues. Primarily a warm color palette with an accent of their primary Aegean Teal 2136-40, this color palette seems to put a new take on a proven selection of colors by combining it with a pleasant and sunny glow. A perfect application of these colors would be safe in any room, especially if accompanied by plant life. What makes this color palette interesting is that these are earth tones that you won't see very often, which is perfect for making a statement yet not too "out there" simultaneously.


 Behr’s 2021 Warm Color Palette

Behr’s 2021 Cool Color Palette

Behr's 2021 Color Predictions

Next up is Behr's 2021 color predictions! Behr's warm color palette is called Casual Comfort and is similar to Benjamin Moore's warm palette, but it is a little more vibrant. Behr's intention for Casual Comfort is to utilize light warm neutrals and whites in entryways, kitchens, and open living spaces to create a sensation of invitation. In addition to a warm color palette, they have several other color palettes. Their cool colors are in their Calm Zone palette, which uses mellow blues and greens to create a therapeutic escape offering harmony and tranquility. Subtle Focus is Behr's take on light hues to express sophistication and invitation to make an effortlessly calm ambiance. Quiet Haven is an exciting take on deep hues with a dependable nature to create a soothing oasis in your home. In our opinion, Quiet Haven's colors are the palette to make a statement, yet aren't risky to use — it is quite lovely. Where it gets energetic is with Optimistic View, where pops of bright colors elevate the spirit in any space, perfect for kitchens, playrooms, and anywhere you want to feel invigorated. 


Pantone 2021 New York Color Palette

Pantone 2021 Core Classics Color Palette

Pantone's 2021 Color Predictions

Pantone's Colors of 2021 have a far different direction in mind for their palette. The Spring & Summer 2021 New York Color Palette is powerfully bold and what we would describe as a slightly less saturated but still playful interpretation of the early 2000's. When we say less saturated, we mean by not that much — this is still a very bright and vibrant palette. These are shades that have an illustrative essence and is intended to inspire ingenuity and inventiveness. For hues that transcend the seasons' palettes, the Spring & Summer 2021 Core Classics Color Palette is a novel take on neutrals paired with bolder and warmer colors.

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