5 Fantastic Modern Rugs for your Living Room

5 Fantastic Modern Rugs for your Living Room

Do you want to give some pizzazz to your Modern living room but don't know which rugs are in fashion for 2021? Here, we have some classy Karastan rugs to wow your friends and family, but at the same time, provide comfort. We know it's a challenging combination, however, not to worry. We will make it easy for you to design your living room using these Modern rugs with distinctive earth-tone colors and impeccable styling to bring forth a new year without being left behind. So let's find out what they are!


Modern Rug 1 - Karastan Elements Envision Aquamarine 91201 60110 096132

Karastan Elements Envision Aquamarine

Anyone who knows rugs knows Karastan. A big name rug with the care and affection of a painstakingly created piece. This rug is inspired by abstract art and features painterly splashes of hazelnut brown, neutral beige, light blue, and midnight navy. This rug is made with super soft fibers that are kid and pet friendly. Although super soft, you can put your mind at ease since it is made of recycled water bottles. This rug's intricate patterning is also great for bringing color to your home office, bedroom, or dining room. 


Modern Rug 2 - Karastan Enigma Alluvium Robin's Egg 90966 60129 096132

Karastan Enigma Alluvium Robin's Egg

The separation of oil and water inspires this graceful rug's design. It features soft hues of robins egg, antique white, mushroom, and smoky grey. Subtly shimmering sprinkles of viscose add an impression of charm to the rug's silky texture. Lifetime stain and soil resistance is the icing on the cake for this stunning Karastan rug.


Modern Rug 3 - Karastan Elements Compose Charcoal 91456 90097 096132

Karastan Elements Compose Charcoal

 This geometric rug features bold black, neutral beige, taupe, and fiery red color. With its changing block sizes in the patterning, the rug becomes more interesting as your eyes explore it. Although it is a short pile rug, it is quite soft. It is easy to clean and is pet friendly! This rug is great to draw attention to for any room.


Modern Rug 4 - Karastan Euphoria Cashel Abyss Blue 90261 880 063094

Karastan Euphoria Cashel Abyss Blue

 If you want a calmer Modern rug that is going to warm up your home, this painterly rug is going to do it for you. The abyss blue, ash gray, sand stone, granite and brown free falls across the canvas of our Cashel style. This rug is inspired by comforting abstract art and is great for any modern house that you want to make a home.


Modern Rug 5 - Karastan Euphoria Larkhall Granite 90269 80100 063094

Karastan Euphoria Larkhall Granite

The hypnotic wavy pattern on this beautiful rug makes great use of earth-tone colors. The colors are noticable and not too bold, letting the rug pattern speak for the room without being boisterous. Being the softest rug on this list of Modern rugs, it still doesn't crumble under high traffic  areas and it is at a medium pile height, making it a fantastic choice for an office or living room.

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