5 Steps to Completely Change a Room's Design Easily


5 Steps to completely change a room's design easily

There are plenty of guides out there on remodeling a room, but they fall short when it comes to doing it quickly and easily with care. This guide fixes the shortcomings of the other how-to guides.


plants in a living room to liven it up

Step #1: Add Plants

Adding plants is the BEST way to bring life into a room. A pretty bold statement, right? Hear me out. Most home objects are inanimate, meaning they don't grow, breathe, or show life signs. Plants exude a lively attitude through color and its actual vitality. It's also a great way to decorate on-the-cheap since most house plants are inexpensive. Some are large, and some are small. Whatever your choice of house plant, they are all unique.


coveredbysurfaces website for area rugs of all shapes and sizes like 8x10, 8x11, or square area rugs, circle area rugs, etc.

Step #2: Add Area Rugs

Aren't area rugs expensive? And is that a reflection of their quality? It can be true sometimes, but at coveredbyrugs.com, we show how quality and price don't have to be at odds! Even large area rugs with super-soft fibers and vibrant colors don't cost all that much. Yet rugs with different shapes, like a round area rug or a square area rug, can also be cost-effective. And with a selection that diverse, you surely cannot lose. Click here to see some of these rugs!


homeowner painting a wall as a cost-effective method of changing a room's design

Step #3: Change a Wall's Color

By this point, you may have guessed that the most significant cosmetic changes can be the most cost-effective. Sad enough, these methods aren't considered often enough. Here is where you can take advantage. By far, the most significant change one can make is changing the wall's color. Depending on the color used, it can make a room feel limited, robust, spacious, petite, fuller, or emptier.


 easy to gather living room accessories

Step #4: Change the Accessories

Accessories are an exciting way to add detail to your home. Pieces can be unique and meaningful without much effort if you feel that you would like to incorporate an accessory with meaning, like pictures of your family. Adding these meaningful trinkets or items would be the time to do so!


TJ Maxx Pillows examples you can find at TJ Maxx or TJMaxx.com

Step #5: Add Couch Pillows

Now, I save this for last because sometimes, these pillows are capable of being costly. However, shopping at places like TJMaxx.com, you can often find pillows of varying styles while being affordable and easy to find in quantity. No matter what look you have, you will be able to find a pillow that matches it here.


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