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Contemporary Homes Guide

What makes a Contemporary home is softened and rounded lines instead of the stark lines seen in modern design. Contemporary interiors contain neutral elements and bold colors, and they focus on the basics of line, shape, and form. When done well, these rooms can look sophisticated and comforting at the same time. When poorly done, the Contemporary style can be abrasive and too bold. So how should we approach Contemporary style? Well, continue to read this short guide, and it will be easy!


Inspiration Contemporary Living Room


Step 1 is inspiration. Use websites like Pinterest to find rooms with Contemporary style. Most know good contemporary design when they see it. In a place like Pinterest, you can narrow down precisely what you are going for.


Contemporary Color Palette Living Rooms

Contemporary Color Palette

Step 2 is to stick with a contemporary color scheme/palette. To some, wild and saturated colors come to mind for the Contemporary style. I'm afraid I have to disagree. Bold color doesn't always mean saturated hues. All it means is that there is a stronger contrast in comparison to other color palettes. It is due to the half-saturated look of the colors contrasting within lights and darks and rarely in-between. Start out with the Contemporary color palette shown above. The numbers on the colors show the corresponding hex codes for the color. Start out with designing with one color, then if you feel adventurous, add up to two more. These colors go great with lighter natural woods. You can also paint the walls or ceilings in these colors. Rugs are always a great choice to bring color into a room, especially if the room is neutral colored. If you wonder how colors in a room affect psychology, our blog on Color Theory may interest you. Click here to learn more about Color Theory.

Check these marvelous rugs out in the links below:


Slate Attache - Meta White

Choose the Floor

Step 3 is to choose the floor. Flooring is the base of design and should be treated as such. There are three paths to choose from; light color floors, medium colored floors, and dark-colored floors. If you use brighter contemporary colors, it may be better to have dark floors. Due to the dark brown evoking a feeling of comfort and solidarity, it will give structure to contrast the light, airy colors. If you use darker contemporary colors, bright floors will provide a feeling of grandiosity. It is also known to help with a cleaner look. A mix of bright and dark colors can be visually appealing with medium-toned floors. Are you wondering where you can find all of these flooring products? is an excellent place for flooring of all styles. 

Click here to find your perfect Flooring.


Contemporary Furniture

Select the Furniture

Step 4 is to select the furniture. Contemporary furniture makes a bold statement but is uncluttered and straightforward. Ideal furniture colors for this style are black, white, or other neutral tones. It also uses the natural fibers found in wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute to add textural appeal. Use a simple background and shout out with your favorite color on a furniture piece that stands out. Less is more when it comes to Contemporary style. Remove bed skirts, trims, fringes, or tassels. Don't use ruffles, excessive carved details, fringe, or floral prints. 

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