The Benefits and Downsides of Dark Wood Floors

The Benefits & Downsides of Dark Wood Floors 

Beautiful Traditional Dark Wood Floor Office

The Upside

If you want to go with a regal, elegant look that makes you go, "Wow!"... dark wood floors are the right choice for you! A staple for Traditionally styled homes, dark wood floors have been used for generations by the wealthy and noble. Just because the look is Traditional doesn't mean that it will go out of style. Traditional isn't a trend; it is a style form with the foundation of immeasurable design knowledge cultivated over a long period, and sound design never grows stale. These dark wood floors carry the tradition but will look great in any home that would like to stand out. Light and medium colored woods are friendly and safe for the average home but don't use those for a luxurious feel. 


 Scratches on Dark Wood

The Downside

Now there are some things you have to understand. Yes, these floors are grand, refined, classy, and comforting, but they are prone to specific problems. Just like black paint on a car, it looks gorgeous, but you can see every scratch as well as dirt and dust. Always protect your floors and know how to treat each floor type, whether hardwood, laminate, tile, or vinyl.


 Clean and Protect Dark Wood Floors

The Takeaway

If you are careful, prevent scratches, and keep these beautiful floors clean, you will go far with making your home look luxurious. 


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