Easy & Elegant Traditional Home Design

Traditional Style Kitchen Interior Design

Traditional homes are well known for comfort and classic European decor that is ornate yet familiar. This design style is the most common style found in the average home. It is most likely what you grew up with; therefore, you may be more comfortable with this home style. As it is the most common, shopping for this style is relatively easy, as you will find that furnishing stores will most likely have what you need. However, although familiar, you may find that this style, like any style, can be poorly done. When poorly done, the Traditional style can come off as old and boring, but it can be elegant and beautiful when done well. So how should we approach it? Well, continue to read this short guide, and it will be easy!


Ralph Lauren Style Home

Find Inspiration

Step 1 is to find inspirationRalph Lauren is a great starting point for those who want a Traditional style without the outdated attitude. Ralph Lauren is known to many for clothing; however, their furniture style is top-notch as well. With their Edwardian cabinetry and Victorian "Alfred Club Chair," they make Traditional stylish and comfortable. If the Ralph Lauren style is too casual for your liking,  Laurel Crown is a fabulous option. In step 4, you will see that there are many styles to choose from different periods.


Traditional Home Bold Color Scheme

room color examples wall traditional scheme

Traditional Color Palette

Step 2 is to stick with a traditional color scheme/palette. Dark and luscious Berry Reds or deep Admiral Blues can give contrast to bright whites in the room. Yes, there are your natural colors, but you aren't limited to just earth-tones. However, those are important in evoking comfort. Why not have both? Choose one dark and vibrant color like Forrest Green, Berry Red, or Admiral Blue. Then pair it with the natural earth-tones in the home like dark Leather Browns and Mahogany Browns. High-contrast colors can make a place look high-class. Low-contrasting color environments play it safe and comfortable. You can always go between the two contrast levels, but these are good starting points to figure out how you want to approach your design. The above color palette is a great starting point (The numbers on the colors are hex codes associated with RGB values). Choosing only one and make your home theme around that color is recommended. You will find that any of these should go with your home, especially natural wood colors. Feel free to paint the walls or ceilings in these colors. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go for two-colors.


wood vs marble floors

Choose the Right Floor

Step 3 is to choose the right floor. We are starting with the floor because that forms the literal and metaphorical base of our design. There are three paths to choose from; Rustic Traditional, Elegant Traditional, or somewhere in the middle. If you are going more towards the rustic route, it may be better to have dark wooden floors or dark wood tile floors. Dark brown evokes a feeling of comfort and solidarity. Going the elegant direction, bright white natural stones like marble will give a sense of grandiosity. Historically, natural marble has been an elegant addition to palaces and large aristocratic homes. Today, marble mining technology has made it more affordable, but just as impressive, porcelain printing technology. You can now have the look of marble without the intensive maintenance, and with the strength and durability of porcelain, not to mention the price being much more affordable. Are you wondering where you can find all of these tiles and wooden floors? Coveredbysurfaces.com is a great place for flooring of all styles. 

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Ralph Lauren Furniture

Choose the Right Furniture

Step 4 is to choose the right furniture. Traditional furniture is known for its sturdy crafted, yet ornate and graceful woodwork and lines. The typical woods used in the Traditional style’s furniture pieces are maple, mahogany, and cherry, usually lacquered and carved, which help portray a custom and luxurious feel. The company One King's Lane has some great examples of Traditional furniture. Like the Ralph Lauren style, as mentioned earlier, One King's Lane has a variety of Traditional Styles like Victorian and Edwardian (both subsets of classic British). Traditional furniture has a long history coming from different periods. As the name states, it comes from tradition, what has preceded before it.

Below are some examples of the significant periods in traditional furniture:

   • Elizabethan (1520–1620)

   • Jacobean (1603–1625)

   • Carolean/Restoration (1660–1685)

   • William and Mary (1690–1730)

   • Queen Anne (1702–1760)

   • Georgian (1714–1830)

   • Rococo (1730–1770)

   • Gothic Revival (1740–1900)

   • Neo-Classical (1750–1830)

   • Regency (1762–1830)

   • Victorian (1830–1900)

   • Arts & Crafts (1880–1910)

   • Art Nouveau (1880–1910)

   • Edwardian (1901–1910)

   • Art Deco (1920–1940)

These styles listed are great examples, and if you seem inspired by one of them, stay within that style. This way, you have consistency in your home. Mixing these styles gives more of an eclectic vibe, and may feel less traditional than intended.

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