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Transitional homes are traditional with a contemporary flavor. They combine elements of both Traditional and Contemporary home styles to create a fantastic blend between these amazing, yet seemingly contrasting styles. The result is an elegantly enduring design that boasts comfort, clean lines, neutral colors, light, and warmth. Transitional home design allows you to break the rules and mix these two different styles. When done well, these styles together can create a warm vibe with a modern aesthetic. When not done well, it may come off as too eclectic and too busy. How should we approach it then? Well, this guide should help to make this easy!


Transitional Home Living Room Example

Find Inspiration

 Step 1 is to find inspiration. Pinterest is a great starting point for those who want a Contemporary style without the abrasiveness of lousy design. Most know good contemporary design when they see it. In a place like Pinterest, you can narrow down precisely what you are going for.


Color Palette Transitional Home

Stick to a Transitional Color Palette

Step 2 is to stick with a transitional color scheme. Unlike Traditional and Contemporary styling, Transitional style has a light color scheme, more in terms of warm whites, taupes, and grays. The colors above show how wall color and rugs can affect a room. The transitional color scheme has a way of creating calmness and comfort through its warm hues. Simplicity should come from the color and somewhat minimalist approach to room design. In contrast, boldness comes from the details of traditional furnishing.

Find these rugs shown above here: 

     Living Room Transitional Lucia Deja Black Area Rug

    Rug shown above: Lucia Deja Black Area Rug 

    Floor shown above: Franklin - Dover 

    Choose the Right Floor

    Step 3 is to choose the right floor. We are starting with the floor because that forms the literal and metaphorical base of our design. There are many paths to choose from; however, whatever you choose here will impact what will go along with it. Traditional rooms give the most extraordinary leniency; however, some selections will allow better results than others. Going with warm wooden floors (a Traditional style trait) allows for expansion of the more Modern styling applications. Leading off with cooler floors (a Modern styling trait) allows for growth with more traditional floors and accents. It is up to you to choose the path in which direction you would like to go.  

    If you are going more towards the brighter contemporary colors, it may be better to have dark wooden floors or dark wood tile floors. Due to the dark brown evoking a feeling of comfort and solidarity, it will give structure to contrast the light, airy colors. Darker contemporary colors will brighten white tile floors, which will provide a feeling of grandiosity. White tiles are known to help with a cleaner look. Are you looking for a white tile? Click here to check it out. A mix of bright and dark colors can be visually appealing with medium-toned woods or concrete look tiles. Are you wondering where you can find all of these flooring products? is an excellent place for flooring of all styles. 

    Click here for Flooring Tile.

    Click here for Flooring LVT.

      Lucia Deja White and Black Area Rug Transitional Home Style

    The rug shown above: Lucia Deja White & Black Area Rug 

    The floor shown above: Grandwood - Brown Sugar 

    Choose the Right Furniture

    Step 4 is to choose the right furniture. Contemporary furniture makes a bold statement but can be simple and uncluttered without curves or decoration—smooth, clean, and geometric shapes for the Contemporary style. Upholstered furniture usually has black, white, or other neutral tones. It uses the natural fibers found in wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute to add textural appeal. Use a plain background and shout out with your favorite color on a furniture piece that stands out. Less is more when it comes to Contemporary style. Remove bed skirts, trims, fringes, or tassels. Don't use ruffles, excessive carved details, fringe, or floral prints. Using Contemporary style furniture will add modernity to the other elements in the house that may contain Traditional style elements. If you have a Traditional floor, now may be the time to use Contemporary furniture, including rugs. If you have a more modern floor, now is the time to bring more traditional elements to warm-up space.

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