Using Wallpaper To Decorate Your Home

Using Wallpaper to Decorate Your Home

Isn't using wallpaper outdated? Nope! Wallpaper remains in use today as an under-utilized yet stylish addition to a home. Wallpaper can express with patterns and color what cannot be done with just paint. Patterns are images that help to convey a message. This message can translate to authentic home styling that can surely impress visitors. 


Romantic Damask Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Damask Pattern Wallpaper

Romantic styled homes will benefit from wallpapers with a "Damask" pattern. They are intricate designs inspired by natural flowers and plant life. Usually used with pastel colors, damask styled wallpaper has been in use for centuries. The word "Damask" first appeared in records in a Western European language in the mid-14th century. Initially used for luxurious garments, today, they convey a classy living space. Gold is often, but not always used to accentuate the extravagance of damask patterning. Damask patterns are for Traditional styled homes, but most commonly used in vintage Victorian or Edwardian style homes. Damask extends to furniture, including rugs as well. Are you looking for a damask patterned rug? Click here.


Traditional Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Rococo Floral Wallpaper

Traditional homes can benefit from many patterns. One being damask, but for the above example, Rococo styled patterns are used more widely. Due to Traditional interior design having a more comprehensive history of use, there are many places to grab inspiration. It makes it far from boring as it can allow a more significant compass of utilization. The pastel floral patterns have a unique history dating back to Rococo (also known as Late Baroque) paintings in France. Generally, a mix of damask and more detailed floral artwork, Rococo combines exceptionally ornamental and theatrical patterns utilizing pastel colors. Rococo brings a feeling of relaxation and extravagance to a home and is generally well-liked among most people. Rococo designs extend to furniture, including rugs as well. If you are looking for a Traditional styled rug, the best place would be here.


Casual Blank Stucco Wall

Blank Wallpaper or Painted Walls

Simple, understated, yet powerful. A blank wall is best for Casual style homes that want to speak louder with furniture than they do with the walls. It is the most common choice and a popular choice with architects demanding an absolute simplicity to a home. The Casual style is genuinely a function over form approach to let the rest of the house "do the talking." Casual also extends itself into furniture, including rugs. This furniture is often cozy, looking, and very comfortable. Are you looking for a casual rug? Click here.


Mid Century Modern Pattern Wallpaper

Mid Century Modern Wallpaper

Mid Century Modern homes are famous for their colorful and playful patterned wallpapers. Mid Century Modern homes boast bright, yet slightly muted colors along with simple asymmetrical geometric patterns. These homes are known to be showstoppers, so this means no bare walls. The time for these homes was most notable from 1945 to 1969 and brought along the modernism movement. For these patterns, clean and straightforward Contemporary lines were the change that broke the Traditional train. Contemporary furniture, including rugs, has also been known to be bright and playful. If you are looking for Contemporary rugs (including Mid Century Modern Rugs), here is the best place to look.


Modern Geometric Pattern Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpaper

Modern homes have clean lines, and similar to Contemporary styling, it shows modernity. However, unlike Contemporary styling, Modern styling has a smaller color palette that usually utilizes golds, blacks, and whites or any combination of the three. In this wallpaper, you will notice these powerful geometric lines. It is noted in its furniture as well, which includes rugs. Are you looking for Modern rugs? Click here.

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