What is Milk Paint? And Why Should I Use It?

What is milk paint?

What is milk paint?

It's a water-based and eco-friendly paint made from purely natural ingredients like clay, milk protein, lime, and pigment. It is quick-drying paint that boasts other numerous benefits. 


What are milk paint's benefits?

What are milk paint's benefits?

It's biodegradable and an excellent choice for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals. Here is the unique part; it dries in half an hour! This is much more preferable to the twenty-four-hour or more wait time needed for oil based paints. Milk paint is generally sold in both powder and liquid form but lasts longer in the powdered form.


What can I use milk paint on?

What can I use milk paint on?

You can use it on wood, glass, plastic, drywall, plaster, and surprisingly, metal. This can include furniture, candlestick holders, trinkets, you name it! It works exceptionally well on vintage furniture, and better yet if that furniture is wooden.


 You only need to mix the milk paint before application.

Application of milk paint

Does the surface need to be sanded or primer applied before the application of milk paint? The answer is no! Virtually no extra work is required other than mixing it if need be and using it.


 Farmhouse milk paint applications

What interior design styles benefit from milk paint?

The styles that benefit from milk paint are the Farmhouse style as well as the Transitional style. Although both of these styles use it, Farmhouse uses it much more often. The reasoning for Farmhouse's heavy utilization is due to the rustication and simple-living vibe that emits from the finish on the wood, metal, and other surfaces. The thin consistency of milk paint varies through the application, giving a distressed look. If you would like it to be a little more consistent, like for a Transitional style home, adding a bonding agent will provide the best of both worlds (the consistency of oil paint but the rustication of milk paint).


Chalk paint vs milk paint.

Milk paint vs. chalk paint

Are they similar? Yes. Are they the same? No. Chalk paint is made from different materials. Chalk paint is usually made with calcium carbonate, talc, and pigment. These pigments can sometimes be natural but are most often created in a lab, and the same goes for the calcium carbonate and talc. Milk paint is relatively cost-effective compared to chalk paint and dries more quickly due to having a thinner consistency.


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